Idiom:  make one’s hair stand on end


Idiom:  (make) one’s hair stand on end

  • to be really scared or frightened

Example sentences

— Watching Olympic gymnastics makes my hair stand on end. I can't believe they don't break their necks.

— The flight to the Bahamas was so bumpy it made our hair stand on end.

— When Sandy went camping, the noises outside the tent made her hair stand on end.

— Spiders and rats make my hair stand on end

— Did you see the movie "The Exorcist?" I watched it last night and it made my hair stand on end.

— We heard a lot of yelling and then several screams that made our hair stand on end so we called the police and we found out later that our neighbor had murdered his wife.

— What was that noise? I don't know but it certainly made my hair stand on end.

— My hair stood on end when I got the call from the principal saying my daughter had fallen off the playground equipment and that I needed to meet her in the hospital emergency room.

— I could never volunteer in Africa.  Insects of all kinds make my hair stand on end.

— Reading scary books alone at night really makes my hair stand on end.

— Driving on a curvy mountain road along the coast in Costa Rica really made my hair stand on end.


  • scare the daylights out of
  • make teeth chatter
  • scare to death
  • make one's blood run cold

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