Idiom:  make light of something


Idiom:  make light of something

  • to consider something as less important or serious than it actually is

Example sentences

  • My mom tried to make light of my breaking her china bowl but I know that it was really special to her.
  • I made light of my friend’s comment that I was fat but it really made me upset.
  • You should never make light of racial slurs. If your friend says something like that again, tell him you're not amused.
  • I made light of my boss' unfair criticism because he does it to everyone.
  • When our neighbor's son wet the bed at our house during a sleepover, we made light of it telling him that it happens to everyone.
  • I'm sorry but making light of the Holocaust is never acceptable.
  • Many comedians use humor to make light of their own problems and shortcomings.
  • When I tried to make light of my report card, my parents grounded me for a month for not being serious.


  • gloss over
  • shrug off
  • brush aside

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