Idiom:  make for something


Idiom:  make for something

  • to produce a result

Example sentences

— Upgrading to business class makes for a completely different experience than traveling in economy class.

— Always being late makes for a very stressful life.

— Well, getting a dozen roses today made for a very nice surprise after a long week.

— If we could hire someone with real social media experience it would make for better advertising to reach a younger audience.

— This system is very slow and that makes for a frustrating user experience.

— Tiger Wood's thrilling win at the Masters at age 43 has made for the ultimate comeback story in golf.

— If nothing else, having dated Justin Bieber when I was 14 has made for good small talk during my dating life.

— Due to security lines and check in, I actually think traveling by plane will make for a longer trip than taking the train.

— Proposing to my girlfriend at the baseball game made for public humiliation when she got upset and left the stands.


  • bring about
  • give rise to

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