Idiom:  make a dent in something


Idiom:  make a dent in something

  • to make some progress in something
  • to make progress towards finishing or completing something

Example sentences

— I have to read a 653-page book for English and after reading for three hours, I hardly made a dent in it.

— This salad is huge—I've hardly made a dent in it and I'm already full.

— I wish I could go out tonight but I need to make a dent in my laundry and ironing, otherwise I'll have to do it all weekend.

— Let's try to hire a temporary employee to help us make a dent in the filing that's piling up. 

— Don't even bother trying to shovel the snow. It's coming down so hard you won't be able to make a dent in it. I've noticed that I really do eat too fast. 

— Hey, were you able to make a dent in cleaning up the garage? If not, I can help out this weekend.

— At lunch, I had completely finished the meal before anybody made a dent in their own.

— I could work all day answering client emails and still not make a dent in my inbox.  If they don't hire an assistant soon I'm going to quit. 

— It feels great to make a dent in my decluttering project at my house.

— After raking leaves in our yard for two hours and finally making a dent in it, the wind picked up and tons of leaves came down again.

— If I can make a dent in addressing these wedding invitations, I'll go out with you tonight.


  • make headway
  • make strides
  • make inroads
  • gain ground

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