Idiom:  let one’s hair down


Idiom:  let one’s hair down

  • to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to act and do what you want

Example sentences

— The only time my mom lets her hair down at parties is if she has had several drinks.

— I can never manage to let my hair down at office events. 

— My roommate is such a gossip I find it hard to let my hair down in my own home.

— Why are you so tense? Just let your hair down and enjoy the event.

— I hate my new job, it's so stressful and I can't wait until the weekends when I can go home and let my hair down with my friends.

— Working in PR was it disaster for me. We constantly had social events but I could never let my hair down and mingle with prospective clients.

— I joined a social anxiety support group and it feels great to finally be able to let my hair down with a supportive group of friends who understand my difficulties.

— We've been working so hard on this project that we're finally going to go out this evening and let our hair down for a few hours at a karaoke bar.


  • let go
  • kick up one's heels
  • open up

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