Idiom:  leave someone hanging


Idiom:  keep / leave someone hanging

  • to keep someone waiting for information, a response or decision

Example sentences

— I really wanted that job but they left me hanging for two months after the interview and I accepted another offer.

— It’s really unprofessional for us to leave our customers hanging this long for a decision.

— What happened to our plans tonight? Don't leave me hanging!

— My husband kept me hanging about going on vacation for so long that there are no cheap flights left to Miami.

— Sorry, but since you left me hanging for a week, I invited someone else to the concert.

— Could you try not to leave me hanging too long this time? I need to know the date as soon as possible.

— Tell the speaker that we need an answer today. They can't keep us hanging any longer or we won't be able to get someone else if they can't participate.

— I'm calling back because I was left hanging 20 minutes and I figured you forgot I was waiting on the line.


  • leave someone in a bind
  • put someone in a difficult situation

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