Idiom:  leave someone alone


Idiom:  leave someone alone

  • to not bother or annoy someone

Example sentences

— Your daddy is in the study right now so please leave him alone and let him work.

— Can you please leave me alone so I can get some sleep?

— A: "Why didn't you call last night?" B: "You seemed like you wanted to be left alone so I didn't want to bother you."

— I wish these telemarketers would stop calling and leave us alone.

— Just leave him alone for five minutes and he'll get tired and go to sleep.

Leave me alone! I'll never forgive you for cheating on me.

— I normally leave the director alone the day after he returns from business trips so he can catch up.

— Do you have a minute to talk or do you want to be left alone?

— Don't keep teasing your sister. Just leave her alone please.


  • back off
  • let someone be
  • give someone a break
  • call of the dogs
  • get off someone's case

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