Idiom:  lean over backwards


Idiom:  lean over backwards

  • to try very hard to do something

Example sentences

— leaned over backwards this semester to get good grades but I didn’t improve as much as I wanted.

— To me it’s worth the expense to stay a five star hotels because they lean over backwards to make everything perfect and comfortable.

— My last cleaning lady leaned over backwards to do her job but I haven't found anyone else that committed.

— My boss expected me to lean over backwards, even on weekends so I had to quit.

— Thanks for leaning over backwards at the conference. Everyone praised your cheerfulness and hard work.

— You'll have to lean over backwards during your unpaid internship to get hired at that company.

— My son leans over backwards around the house and my daughter spends all her time looking at her phone.

— If you leaned over backwards, you'd make the team but you're too lazy.

— We leaned over backwards to make my daughter's boyfriend feel at home but he was not interested in speaking to us at all.


  • go out of the way
  • take great pains
  • go to the ends of the earth
  • move heaven and earth (to do something)
  • pull out all of the stops
  • spare no effort
  • go the extra mile
  • go all out
  • do your damnedest
  • go for broke
  • do something for all you're worth

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