Idiom:  lay down the law


Idiom:  lay down the law

  • to instruct people about what they have to do in an authoritative way

Example sentences

— My parents finally laid down the law and now none of us can use the Internet after 7:00 in the evening.

— When my husband tried to lay down the law, I told him we could either be partners or I’d leave him.

— We're going to have to lay down the law about staff taking 1-2 hour lunch breaks.

— My girlfriend laid down the law that if I don't meet her parents she'll break up with me.

— Our professor laid down the law about attendance. If we miss more than 20% of classes, we won't pass the course.

— We used to have a casual dress code on Fridays but they had to lay down the law when people started to wear ripped jeans.

— We've been forced to lay down the law—from now on staff must use an electronic punch card system to record their work hours.

— My wife refuses to lay down the law with our puppy so he's destroying our furniture and chewing up our shoes.

— I don't have a mobile phone right now because my parents laid down the law and took it away from me for using it at night.


  • put one's foot down

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