Idiom:  lay a hand on someone


Idiom:  lay a hand on someone

  • to physically assault or hurt someone

Example sentences

— If my husband ever lays a hand on me, I will leave him immediately and never return.

— His father used to lay a hand on him almost everyday—until he grew up and was big enough hit back.

— No one laid a hand on my son again after he started martial arts training.

— The paparazzi are really aggressive but if you lay a hand on one of them, they will absolutely sue you for assault.

— The first time my girlfriend laid a hand on me I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do.

— The politician made a fist as if he was about to lay a hand on the reporter but then he put his hand down and composed himself.

— Corporal punishment is not permitted at this school. If you ever lay a hand on any child again, I will make sure you're fired immediately.

— Joking about laying a hand on your spouse is not funny at all.  I cannot believe anyone would laugh as a joke like that in this day and age.


  • beat up
  • lay a finger on someone
  • rough up
  • knock someone around

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