Idiom:  launch into something


Idiom:  launch into something

  • to start doing something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm

Example sentences

— We bought the kids some puzzles and they launched into them right after they opened the boxes.

— It’s a new semester and I’ve decided to launch into my books and not get behind this time.

— The way you launch into even the most difficult assignment is very inspiring.

— I was shocked when my husband launched right into caring for our baby. Fatherhood has really changed him.

— My wife always launches into new craft projects but never finishes them so we have art supplies all over the house.

— I kept procrastinating cleaning my garage but once my son launched into it, I found it easy to join in.

— It was easy to launch into losing weight when my daughter bought me 25 personal training sessions.

— It's always easy to launch into my coursework at the beginning of the semester but by midterms, I'm not very enthusiastic.

— just delivered five huge boxes. My husband must be launching into a new project.

— We launched into substantive work from the start so it was worthwhile to attend the meeting.


  • take the bull by the horns
  • jump in with both feet
  • plung into

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