Idiom:  laugh at someone


Idiom:  laugh at someone

  • to tease or ridicule someone

Example sentences

— All of the kids laugh at my friend because she’s fat so I’m very protective of her.

— I can’t believe people at my office laugh at our receptionist’s hairstyle—I feel like I’m still in high school.

— My husband's family laughed at me when I tried to speak French so I gave up trying to learn the language. 

— We try not to laugh at my girlfriend's accent but sometimes it's hilarious.

— Everyone laughed at me when I gave my first speech in class and I've been afraid of public speaking ever since.

— Don't laugh at your sister—you know it hurts her feelings.

— If you laugh at me again, I'm not going to share my ideas with you anymore.

— Everyone laughed at my brother's clothes at his new school but my parents still refused to buy him new ones.


  • make fun of
  • poke fun at

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