Idiom:  know something inside out


Idiom:  know something inside out

  • know something completely—everything about it

Example sentences

— I’m going to ace this exam.  I know the material inside out.

— We’re trying to find a travel agent who knows Paris inside out so we can find the best hotels, restaurants and small shops.

— After 17 years working at various jobs at McDonald's, I know the fast food business inside out.

— How long does it take you to know this industry inside out?

— I know my boss inside out and he definitely will not agree to deliver the keynote address at your conference if you don't fly him in business class and pay his $25,000 speaking fee.

— Does anyone here know Excel inside out? I need someone to help me debug some data tables the consultant created.

— My son knows that area inside out and will be happy to make some recommendations about good neighborhoods in Atlanta.


  • know like a book
  • know backwards and forwards
  • know something like the back of one's hand
  • know one's stuff

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