Idiom:  knock it off


Idiom:  knock it off

  • stop doing something that's annoying

Note:  This idiom is used in spoken English. It's a very informal phrase that would be considered impolite (rude) to anyone that you do not know very well.

Example sentences

— Knock it off!  You’re making so much noise I can’t concentrate.

— If you don’t knock it off, I’m going to leave.  All your teasing was fun for the first hour but now I’m tired.

— Knock it off. Your sister is tired and you're keeping her from sleeping.

— I'm sorry I can't hear anything you're saying. Let me go downstairs and tell the kids to knock it off.

— If you don't knock it off I'm going to tell mom what you're doing.

— I wish I could tell my boss to knock it off but if I do it will be even worse for me.

— I already told you to knock it off once—don't make me say it again or you'll be grounded.

— Your neighbors have told you to knock it off several times. If you continue the loud music we'll have to evict you.

— Knock it off and do your chores right now. I've told you three times to stop doing gymnastics inside the house.


  • stop it
  • lay off
  • give it a rest
  • cut it out
  • leave it alone
  • get off my back

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