Idiom:  kick oneself


Idiom:  kick oneself

  • to regret and/or be annoyed with oneself (especially for missing an opportunity)
  • to be angry at oneself because you do something you regret

Example sentences

— I could kick myself for not investing more into my retirement account when I was younger.

— If you don’t stay home and work on your paper tonight you’re going to kick yourself tomorrow.

— I wanted to kick myself for not asking that girl to dance. Now she's talking to another guy.

— We wanted to kick ourselves for not investing in bitcoin when our son advised us to.

— Please have your son take a prep course for the SAT. Sure it's expensive, but you'll kick yourself if he gets a low score and can't get into a good college.

— It's 12:50 am and you're still not in bed? You're going to kick yourself when your alarm goes off at 6 o'clock.

— I felt like kicking myself for trying to speed through the traffic light. Of course a police car was there and gave me a ticket.

— Sorry but I can't go out tonight. I have a paper due Monday and I'll kick myself if I don't start on it this evening.

— Stop kicking yourself about party. How were you supposed to know if was cocktail attire if they didn't tell you?


  • cry over spilled milk
  • sing the blues

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