Idiom:  keep your nose out of something


Idiom:  keep your nose out of something

  • is used to tell someone not to get involved in something or to keep something private.

Example sentences

— I wasn’t talking to you—just keep your nose out of this.

— I wish my mother-in-law would keep her nose out of our marriage but she always tries to talk about really personal things with my husband.

— I'd love to keep my nose out of the Christmas party if you think you can handle it.

— My little brother could never keep his nose out of my closet so I wasn't surprised when he finally told us he was trans.

— Keep your nose out of my makeup. It's expensive.

— I really hope you can keep your nose out of trouble this semester.

— My girlfriend won't keep her nose out of my phone and I'm really tired of it.

— If we'd just kept our noses out of the social media campaign and let it run as planned, it would've been okay.

— Keep your nose out of the day-to-day operations. You're supposed to be the visionary of the company.

— I keep out of our household affairs and let my wife handle it all.


  • mind your own business
  • stay out of this
  • never you mind

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