Idiom:  keep to oneself


Idiom:  keep to oneself

  • to stay by oneself and avoid other people

Example sentences

  • At conferences I usually keep to myself because I’m very shy about meeting new people.
  • I’m not sure why but our neighbors keep to themselves and don’t socialize with the other people on the street.
  • When I first moved here I was so timid I just kept to myself and didn't talk to anyone.
  • Honestly, I just like to keep to myself. I enjoy being alone.
  • He's not antisocial. He's just shy so he often keeps to himself until he gets to know someone.
  • My cousin got married to a Scientologist and they keep to themselves so we don't try to interact with them anymore.
  • Many foreigners keep to themselves simply because they don't speak the language well and are afraid of making mistakes.
  • At work I hate listening to people complain so I just keep to myself and do my work.
  • The reason Sandra keeps to herself is that she thinks she's better than everyone.
  • I think this little puppy prefers to keep to himself because he's so much smaller than the others.


  • (all) by yourself
  • be out of circulation

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