Idiom:  keep something to oneself


Idiom:  keep something to oneself

  • to not tell someone about something
  • to keep something secret

Example sentences

  • If that’s your opinion I wish you would keep it to yourself next time instead of ruining the party.
  • I’m going to keep this information to myself until the company has made an announcement.
  • Why are you always so negative? I wish you'd keep some of your thoughts to yourself.
  • I have no idea what my son is doing these days. He keeps everything himself now that he's a teenager.
  • My poor girlfriend. I should have warned her that my mother never keeps anything to herself.
  • We should keep the news to ourselves until you get the offer in writing.
  • Everyone's a Trump supporter where I work so I just keep my opinions to myself.
  • It was hard to keep my parents' separation to myself so I was relieved when the finally decided to divorce.
  • Can you keep the news to yourself until the next staff meeting?
  • Don't worry. If you want me to keep this information to myself I won't tell anyone.


  • not breathe a word
  • keep your mouth shut
  • keep quiet about something
  • keep mum
  • keep something under wraps

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