Idiom:  Keep someone in the dark


Idiom:  keep someone in the dark

  • to not tell someone something or give them information they need

Example sentences

— Our dog died while we were at camp and our parents kept us in the dark because they were afraid we'd want to come home.

— I wish my boss would stop keeping me in the dark and be clear about what I need to do for the project.

— We were totally kept in the dark about how long it would to take to complete the renovation of our basement.

— We feel it's best to keep our kids in the dark about my wife's breast cancer diagnosis until we better understand the situation.

— My daughter kept us in the dark about her problems in her chemistry class until it was too late. It's a shame because we could have gotten her a tutor.

— I think it's better to tell the client there may be a delay instead of keeping them in the dark about the production issue.

— Why did you keep me in the dark about our finances? I trusted you and now we're going to have bad credit.

— I'm really sorry that I kept you in the dark about my promotion but management thought it would create problems within the team.

— I know it's not ideal to keep our staff in the dark but we need to be careful to not create panic that there will be massive layoffs at the company

— My sister is keeping her husband in the dark about her pregnancy because she's afraid he might be disappointed. 


  • keep someone in the loop
  • keep someone up to date
  • keep someone posted

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