Idiom:  keep after someone


Idiom:  keep after someone / something

  • to repeatedly remind someone to do something
  • to persistently make an effort to address a situation

Example sentences

— If your boss doesn't approve your request for a raise, keep after him until you get it because you deserve it.

— It's very frustrating to have to keep after you every evening until your homework is done so if things do not improve I'm going to disconnect the internet.

— We have to keep after our tenants to pay the rent every month but eventually they do pay.

— Please be sure to keep after your mother's medications and ensure she takes them as directed by her physician.

— Being a secretary is like being a mother sometimes. I have to keep after my boss to do a lot of things.

— You'll have to keep after these weeds or they will overtake your garden this summer.

— We have to keep after our medical providers to get the receipts we need to get reimbursed by our insurance company.

— I used to have to keep after my kids to do their chores but I was very strict for a couple of years and now they have developed good habits and do things as asked.


  • crack the whip
  • drag someone kicking and screaming
  • stay on top of someone

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