Idiom:  jump to conclusions


Idiom:  leap / jump to conclusions


leap / jump to the conclusion about something

  • to quickly assume something or make a decision without carefully knowing all the facts or without thinking carefully about something

Example sentences

— We found these condoms in your purse—but before we jump to conclusions we wanted to talk to you first.

— I'm tired of you always jumping to conclusions.  How many times have you been wrong when you didn't wait to get all of the information?

— My boss jumped to conclusions when he saw my CV on my desk.

— I'm sure he's just fine. Don't leap to conclusions just because your son is a few minutes late coming home.

— My wife is always jumping to conclusions because she loves to worry about everything.

— I apologize for leaping to the conclusion you used our car without permission.  I should have known you'd have talked to my wife first.

— My daughter jumped to conclusions when she saw the BMW catalog on the kitchen counter and was really upset when she didn't get a new car for her 18th birthday.

— Serious international disputes have happened when nations jumped to conclusions about another country's intentions.

— When people jump to conclusions, they usually draw negative conclusions or outcomes about something rather than positive conclusions.

— When Sandy saw her coworkers whispering she leaped to the conclusion they were talking about her, but they were actually discussing another colleague's cancer diagnosis.

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