Idiom:  jump out of one’s skin


Idiom:  (almost/nearly) leap / jump out of one’s skin

  • to be suddenly very frightened or shocked

Example sentences

  • When I was walking to my car, a huge rat ran out in front of me and I nearly jumped out of my skin.
  • Don’t sneak up on me like that—I almost jumped out of my skin.
  • I leaped out of my skin when I heard a loud crash behind me.
  • My sister jumped out of her skin when she learned there was a mass shooting at her daughter's high school.
  • As they read the 50 million dollar lottery numbers on the television I almost jumped out of my skin but the last two numbers on my ticket weren't the same.
  • Our friend almost jumped out of her skin when she learned her son and his wife were having triplets.
  • What happened? You nearly jumped out of your skin!
  • We practically leaped out of our skin when we received a notice that our health insurance was canceled, but luckily it was a mistake.


  • make someone jump
  • clutch one's pearls
  • look as though you've seen a ghost
  • almost/nearly have a heart attack

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