Idiom:  jump for joy


Idiom:  jump for joy

  • to be very excited and happy about something

Example sentences

— When the number of my YouTube subscribers grew to 1,000 people I was jumping for joy.

— We jumped for joy when we learned our parents were getting a puppy.

— We weren't exactly jumping for joy when our son quit his six-figure job to open a coffee shop because he still has $80,000 in student loan debt.

— Everyone jumped for joy when the rescuers pulled the toddler out of the well she'd fallen into 22 feet below the ground.

— My parents jumped for joy when they discovered I was pregnant with twins.

— Millions of people jumped for joy when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.

— My kids jumped for joy when they found out school was closed today because of snow.

— I wanted to jump for joy when my boss finally told my co-worker to be quiet but I had to contain my excitement.

— We jumped for joy when Joe Biden and Kamal Harris defeated Donald Trump.


  • be in seventh heaven
  • be over the moon about something

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