Idiom:  jump down someone’s throat


Idiom:  jump down someone’s throat

  1. to severely criticize somebody in a way that seems unfair
  2. to speak to someone in an angry way

Example sentences

  • Don’t jump down his throat just because you disagree or he’ll stop talking to us.
  • I felt so badly for my boss this morning because the director jumped down his throat for something that wasn't even his fault.
  • I didn't even have a chance to explain why I was late before my professor jumped down my throat.
  • My father jumped down my mother's throat when he found out she bought me a new iPhone.
  • If you jump down my throat again, I'm only going to communicate with you in writing in the future.
  • Why did you jump down the babysitter's throat like that? She's just a teenager, not a nanny with decades of experience.
  • I felt awful for jumping down my cleaning lady's throat when it was actually my son who had accidentally washed my silk shirt.
  • Before my assistant had anger management therapy, she used to jump down everyone's throat for even the slightest problem.


  • dress somebody down / give somebody a dressing-down
  • tear into
  • bite someone's head off
  • chew out
  • rake somebody over the coals
  • lay into
  • light into

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