Idiom:  jerk someone around


Idiom:  jerk someone around

  1. to lie and try to deceive someone about something
  2. to treat someone unfairly

Example sentences

—  I thought my boyfriend was serious about our relationship but he was just jerking me around and he never planned to marry me.

—  The sales man was jerking us around when he said he’d give us a discount.

—  I'm a bit worried about Karen. I think that guy she's been seeing is just jerking her around.

—  That guy who sat next to me in calculus jerked me around all week, promising to show me his notes for the week I miss class, but he never did.

—  Are you sure the mechanic isn't jerking you around? He's had your car for almost a week.

—  That person at the ticket office really jerked us around. She knew it would be cheaper to buy two one-way tickets rather than getting the all day pass she recommended.

—  This sounds like an interesting investment but I'm worried your friend might be jerking us around.

—  I'm trying to do all the research that I can now so that I won't be jerked around when I go to the consulate for my visa and residence permit.


  • rip off
  • prey on
  • string along
  • cheat on
  • mess with
  • pull a fast one on

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