Idiom:  jam packed


Idiom:  jam packed

  • very crowded or full

Example sentences

The concert was jam packed with so many people it was hard to see anything.

This green juice is jam packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients.

I hate taking the subway during rush hour when it's jam packed

My suitcase is jam packed with food as well as clothing. 

We're going to be jam packed today—every seat on the plane is occupied. 

We were so jam packed at the play because it was at one of those old Broadway theaters. 

The ride was very uncomfortable because the car was so jam packed with my daughter's stuff that she accumulated while she was away at college.

I'm glad it was jam packed at the football game last night—it helped keep everyone warm.

President Trump is still holding rallies with hundreds of supporters jam packed together and not wearing masks during a pandemic.

I do not understand how people think it's fun to be jam packed with tons of people at a concert. I hate it.


  • pack like sardines
  • pack em' in

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