Idiom:  jam/slam on the brakes


Idiom:  jam/slam on the brakes

  • to quickly and strongly use the brakes to suddenly stop a vehicle or car

Example sentences

— I had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting a dog this morning and I was shaking for the rest of the ride to work.

— Don't jam on the brakes when you hit an icy patch on the road. Instead, take your foot off the brake and turn your wheels into the direction the rear of you car is sliding.

— When the bus driver jammed on the brakes, several passengers who were standing fell down and were injured.

— The car in front of me slammed on its brakes and I was so close that I hit it.

— Could you check my brakes? When I had to slam on them yesterday it sounded like metal scraping on metal.

— We all slammed on our brakes when we came suddenly upon an accident on the highway.

— If you drove slower, you wouldn't have to jam on the breaks so often. 

— Whenever my mom has to slam on the breaks, she simultaneously hits me in the chest as she instinctively sticks out her arm to protect me from hitting the dashboard.


  • hit the brakes


  • slow down
  • reduce speed

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