Idiom:  jam on it


Idiom:  jam on it

  • to hurry
  • to move very fast

Example sentences

— We'd better jam on it or we'll be late to our appointment.

— If the security people don't jam on it we're going to miss our flight.

— We were running a little bit late but the taxi driver jammed on it and we got there just on time.

— I wish the postal workers with jam on it. I hate to spend my entire lunch hour standing in line.

— Okay, kids get in the car, we have to jam on it or you'll be late for school.

— My economics class is on one side of campus and my psychology class on the other, so I have to jam on it to get to my second class on time.

— Let's jam on it now or will miss the train!

— I hate having to jam on it every day. If you're not ready to leave on time tomorrow, I'm going to go without you.


  • hurry up 
  • get a move on it 
  • lose no time 
  • make haste 
  • get cracking 
  • step on the gas

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