Idiom:  jack up something


Idiom:  jack up something (jack something up)

  • to suddenly increase something sharply to an unreasonable or unacceptable level

Note:  A Jack is a tool that is used to raise or lift things up (e.g.,  a car jack is used to raise a vehicle to do repairs underneath it or to change a tire).

Example sentences

  • Credit card companies wait until their customers have high balances on their accounts and then they jack up their interest rates.
  • After the war started, gas stations jacked their prices up.
  • My neighbors just jacked the music up and this time I'm going to call the police.
  • We jacked up the radio when our favorite song came on.
  • In 2015, Martin Shkreli jacked up the price of a life-saving HIV drug by 5,000 per cent from $13.50 to $750 a pill.
  • Please jack the heater up, it's freezing in here.
  • At Christmas, retailers jack up the prices of wrapping paper, cards and decorations, so I always buy these items in January, after the holidays.
  • There are laws in place that prevent stores from jacking up the prices of water and other essential goods after hurricanes or other natural disasters.
  • Who just jacked up the air conditioner? Our electric bill will be enormous this month.


  • crank something up

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