Idiom:  it's early days (yet)


Idiom:  it's early days (yet / still)

  • it's too soon to decide about something or make a judgment

Example sentences

— I think the chemotherapy has killed the cancer but it's early days yet.

— So far my new assistant is doing okay but it's still early days yet

— Our rescue dog doesn't want to leave his cage but it's early days and we need to be patient.

— "How do you like your new school?" "The people seem nice but it's early days."

— "I'm a bit worried because we don't have a lot of people registered for the conference but it's early days so we'll see."

— "This semester has been going pretty well. I understand what we've covered so far in chemistry but it's early days so you never know."

— The antidepressant I started taking doesn't seem to be working but my doctor assures me it's early days and it will take a couple of weeks for it to be effective.

— My children seem to like their new school but it’s early days yet.

— The New York Giants are having a fantastic season but it’s early days still.

— Our company is experiencing 50% growth so far this year but it’s still early days.

— Joining the Peace Corps has been extremely difficult but it’s early days yet and I need to give it more time.

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