Idiom:  irons in the fire


Idiom:  irons in the fire / have (too many/several) irons in the fire

  1.  to have several different activities or projects in progress at the same time
  2.  having several possibilities at the same time

Example sentences

— I have several irons in the fire to make sure I’ll have a job when I graduate.

— I’m really happy at my job but I always keep several irons in the fire to make sure my career advances.

— Do you think it's wise to have so many irons in the fire right now?

— We wish we could help with the fundraiser but we've got a few too many irons in the fire at this time.

— How does your sister manage to have so many irons in the fire?

— It's one thing to have several irons in the fire, it's another to be successful with so many projects at the same time.

— My doctor says I've got too many irons in the fire and need to start saying "no" more often.


  • have several balls in the air
  • have a lot going on

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