Idiom:  in this day and age


Idiom:  in this day and age

  • at this time in history (compared to the past)
  • in the present moment

Example sentences

— In this day and age spending several dollars for a cup of coffee is not unusual but no one would do that 30 years ago.

— You would think they would have developed a birth control pill for men in this day and age but instead they created Viagra!

— In this day and age, most people understand the dangers of smoking tobacco but many think e-cigarettes are completely safe.

— It's incredible that people still doubt climate change in this day and age and the US president isn't helping the situation.

— In this day in age, it's still illegal in some parts of the world for women to own property.

— In this day and age, more and more dogs are getting cancer from eating processed dog foods.

— In this day in age, we need more people to stand up and defend human rights.

— Things have changed so much in this day in age that I'm almost afraid of what the world would be like in 20 years.

— In this day and age, you should know to stop allowing your children to play in the street for their own safety.

— The United States has gotten so lazy in this day and age that children even wear pajamas to school.


  • nowadays

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