Idiom:  in the driver's seat

Man at the wheel of a car: When I'm in the driver's seat the team feels confident we can win the game.


Idiom:  in the driver's seat

  • in control or in charge of a situation

Example sentences

— You always want to be in the driver's seat in this marriage and what you don't understand is that we should be more like copilots in a partnership.

— Who's overseeing this project? Everyone can't be in the driver's seat at the same time.

— I never felt like I was in the driver's seat when I was the project manager.

— Samantha needs to take some speaking and voice lessons. She doesn't sound like she's in the driver's seat at meetings.

— Joe likes to act like he's in the driver's seat but he's only a junior attorney.

— It feels great to have a new president in the driver's seat again.

— We need someone in the driver's seat for today's meeting. Who wants to volunteer?

— When I'm in the driver's seat, I like to have an agenda to keep everyone on track and keep meetings short.

— Why don't we put Sharon in the driver's seat? She can definitely handle the gala with all of her experience with meeting planning.


  • at the wheel
  • call the shot
  • pull the strings
  • wear the pants

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