Idiom:  in one's element


Idiom:  in one's element

  • comfortable doing something one likes and is good at

Example sentences

— Susie hates talking to strangers at parties but when she gets on the dance floor she's in her element.

— Our son is definitely in his element in front of a television camera. 

— I really feel like I’m in my element when I am walking the streets of New York City.

— I was in my element when I was volunteering in Africa. I need to find job that makes me feel like my work is worthwhile.

— You're in your element in the kitchen. I love to watch you cook.

— I’m in my element when I am closing a big sale. I have no idea where the confidence comes from.

— I had no idea you’re so funny. You were completely in your element when you were on the stage.

— My guidance counselor told me to think of a time when I felt like I was in my element and working as a camp counselor was the first thing that came to mind.

— I cannot do any sports with a ball but when I'm running, I'm in my element.

— You're really in your element when you're with animals. They adore you.


  • at ease

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