Idiom:  in name only


Idiom:  in name only

  • have a title but not the power or duties required for the role

Example sentences

— Our boss is the director in name only—it’s really my colleague who's running the department.

— This car is my dad’s in name only, I’m the one who drives it and pays for insurance and maintenance.

— Mr Jones is a board member in name only. We simply needed a physician on the board and he's happy to get paid to do nothing.

— Many countries are "democracies" in name only. The have few democratic institutions.

— I thought I'd be a real part of the committee but they made me a member in name only.

— Will he have any real decision-making authority or will he just be a director in name only?

— I thought they were hiring me to run the company but it's a family business and I'm in charge in name only.

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