Idiom:  in jest


Idiom:  in jest

  1. joking
  2. to not seriously mean what you're saying

Example sentences

  • When I said I quit my job it was only in jest.
  • Don't get upset, he always says things in jest.
  • I know what you said to your sister was in jest but you really hurt her feelings.
  • The problem with saying things in jest in the workplace is that the consequences can be severe if the person doesn't understand you're not serious.
  • When our professor said he would lock the door at 2:00 and anyone who was late would not be able to attend class, we thought he was saying it in jest but he was dead serious.
  • We were shocked when our waiter said we'd  have to pay more to get another clean fork, but he said it in jest.
  • I'm not sure that your boss' remark was entirely in jest. You should probably be careful  about having long lunches everyday.
  • Why did you think your teacher would think your comments were in jest? Sit down now and write a note of apology. 


  • to kid someone

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