Idiom:  in jeopardy


Idiom:  in jeopardy

  • in a situation where something bad is likely to happen
  • in danger of being damaged, ruined or destroyed

Example sentences

  • You’re putting your scholarship in jeopardy by partying and not studying.
  • The flowers we recently planted are in jeopardy because of the unexpected cold weather we've been having.
  • The firefighters put their lives in jeopardy trying to put out the raging fires in California.
  • The company was in jeopardy when the price of steel skyrocketed.
  • Your behavior with some of our students is putting the entire future of this school in Jeopardy.
  • We're in jeopardy of losing our preferred candidate if we don't make a better job offer.
  • The golfer is in jeopardy of losing his sponsorships and endorsements after making racist and sexist comments while he was drunk.


  • in peril
  • under threat
  • in harm's way
  • at risk
  • playing with fire
  • skating on thin ice

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