Idiom:  in flux


Idiom:  in flux

  • constantly changing

Example sentences

—  My company has transferred me to new offices three times in three years so my private life is also in flux.

—  Our finances are in flux these days because my husband left his job and is now doing independent consulting work.

—  Turkey's currency is in flux again because the government refuses to impose capital controls to stop money flowing abroad.

—  Everything is always in flux at this company and that's why there's so much turnover in personnel.

—  My daughter's life is in flux again. She's called off the wedding with her most recent fiancé and plans to move back home.

—  I keep my retirement in money market accounts because the stock market's always in flux.

—  The annual conference is in flux. We keep changing the topic, so I'm not sure we'll actually have the event this year.

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