Idiom:  in bad faith


Idiom:  in bad faith

  • intending to cause harm
  • in a dishonest way

Example sentences

  • The company offered me the job in bad faith—I did not get an office or parking space as promised.
  • I had a feeling the proposal was in bad faith. When I said we needed to have a legal contract, I never heard from the salesperson again.
  • We were shocked to find out my sister's husband married her in bad faith, just to get a US Green Card.
  • There are a lot of people trying to sell bogus products to the elderly in bad faith.
  • My roommates rented me a room in their group house in bad faith.  They said we're all paying the same amount but the landlord confirmed I'm paying $100 more.
  • If you rent to somebody in bad faith, it's risky because they won't have the incentive to take good care of your home.
  • Have a lawyer look over that contract to make sure it's not in bad faith.
  • It was disappointing to find out how many people have tried to strike up friendships with me in bad faith because my father is a senator.


  • in good faith

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