Idiom:  in any event


Idiom:  in any event

  • whatever the situation is or will be
  • no matter what happens

Example sentences

— In any event, we’ll arrive sometime during the afternoon on Sunday and then take a taxi to your house.

— Call us as soon as you get home in any event—even if it's very late.

— In any event, we've decided to purchase this house, even if the inspector finds problems.

— The doctor will give you a call this afternoon in any event to see how you are feeling after your surgery.

— In any event, we will just go see a movie if we can't get tickets to the concert.

— They're serving hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in any event so, we can eat dinner after the reception if you're running late.

— Please send the report before you leave today in any event. Even if you don't have all the figures, we'd still like to see how it's coming along.

— Your mother and she's waiting for a delivery now but in any event, she'll drop off your contact lenses sometime this afternoon.

— If you have time to stop and get a bottle of champagne it would be great, but in any event I have a bottle of prosecco that I can bring just in case.

— We know you might be late but in any event it doesn't matter when you arrive.

— The main speaker had to cancel but it was still a great conference in any event.


  • at any rate
  • in any case
  • if worst comes to worst
  • either way

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