Idiom:  in action


idiom:  in action

  • in progress
  • working or operating as intended
  • doing something that you are trained to do or do well

Example sentences

—This Italian restaurant has an open kitchen so you can see the chef in action throwing pizza dough in the air.

—I love coming to professional tennis matches and watching the players in actionIt's completely different than watching on tv.

—You can see the coffee bean roasting in action  at our local roasting plant from 12:00 noon until 3:00 PM daily.

—If you want to see the Lakers in action I've got tickets for Friday night's basketball game.

—I've always wanted to see the Supreme Court in action and it was really interesting.

—We'd never seen a rap battle in action so we had the best time at the club last night.

—Have you ever seen a mariachi band in action? It's so much fun!

—There's nothing like seeing a skilled magician in action.

—My children were thrilled with the circus watching all the different performers in action.

—The renovations and construction have been going on forever. When will we finally see the cable cars in action again?

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