Idiom:  in a world of one’s own


Idiom:  in a world of one’s own

  •  in such deep thought you don’t notice anything around you

Example sentences

— I’m sorry I wasn’t listening a moment ago—I was in a world of my own.

— The director has been in a world of her own working in the kitchen for the past three hours. I've gone in there three times and she hasn't notice me.

— Our teenage daughter is in a world of her own these days.

— When my daughter reads a book, she's in a world of her own and you can't get her attention unless you take the book out of her hands.

— The bus driver was in a world of his own and didn't notice when we asked how much the fare was.

— Please pay attention to these instructions. You look like you're in a world of your own.

— "What is your dog doing rolling in the flowers?" " Who knows? He's always in a world of his own."

— Is everything okay? You've been in a world of your own all afternoon.

— My husband and I were both in a world of our own looking out the train window train and we missed our stop.

— Sorry I bumped into you! I must've been in a world of my own.


  • lost in thought
  • a million miles away
  • out to lunch
  • out in space
  • lost in space

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