Idiom:  in a word


Idiom:  in a word

  1.  in summary
  2.  in brief

Example sentences

— In a word, yes, I’d love to go with you.

— Can you please give your update in a word so we can adjourn this meeting soon?

— In a word, our accountant quit just before our audit so it's been an utter nightmare.

— "How was your vacation?" "In a word, it was awesome!"

— I'll have to call you later to give you the details but in a word, I got the job and I'm moving to Hong Kong next month.

— In a word, the movie was horrible and I don't recommend you see it tonight.

— My parents caught me smoking pot and in a word, I'm grounded for the rest of the year and I have to see a substance abuse counselor.

— We'll discuss this further at the next staff meeting but in a word, we're planning to renovate the second floor offices so we'll temporarily need to move up to the third floor.


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