Idiom:  in a vacuum


Idiom:  in a vacuum

  • in a way that's not connected to other people or events
  • considered separately from other similar things and not influenced by them

Example sentences

— If you write this report in a vacuum, you’re going to have a very limited view of the situation.

— Our group project was terrible because two of the members refused to collaborate and did their work in a vacuum.

— If you make decisions that affect your employees in a vacuum, you're going to have problems later on.

— Occasionally, it's necessary to handle an issue in a vacuum.

— Management instituted those policies in a vacuum so it's not surprising people are unhappy.

— This organization is dysfunctional because each department operates in a vacuum and as a result, a lot of work is duplicated.

— The rise of nationalism did not happen in a vacuumsocial media is one factor that has allowed it to spread and grow in different countries.

— I hate to disappoint you but learning a new language cannot occur in a vacuum.


  • in isolation
  • on on neutral ground/territory

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