Idiom:  in a stupor


Idiom:  in a stupor

  1. in a dazed or confused condition (often as a result of drugs or alcohol)
  2. in a state of extreme lethargy or apathy (often because of stress or shock)

Example sentences

  • After I took some cold medicine I was in such a stupor I couldn’t do any more work or even drive home.
  • Don't drink any more beer or you'll be in a drunken stupor the rest of the afternoon.
  • The car hit a pole and turned over three times but when the man awoke after the car accident in a stupor, he wasn't sure what had just happened.
  • My poor dog just had surgery and he's in a stupor, walking around with a cone around his head bumping into everything.
  • After traveling for the past 32 hours by plane and bus, I arrived at the hotel in a stupor.
  • We were all in a stupor after drinking beer all afternoon at the football game.

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