Idiom:  in a rut


Idiom:  (stuck) in a rut

  • doing the same thing for a very long time so that it's no longer interesting
  • a situation that is boring or fixed and difficult to change

Note:  A rut is a deep, narrow track in the ground made by the wheels of a vehicle.

Example sentences

  • I was in a rut at the gym doing the same cardio exercises but when I added weight training, I really started to lose weight.
  • I'm stuck in a rut at this job and need to find something more interesting and challenging.
  • You're depressed because you're in a rut. Maybe you should join a club or volunteer somewhere.
  • This department is in a rut. Let's get out of the office and do a team building activity.
  • My husband's in a rut so I just booked a three-day skiing trip for next week.
  • The kids were stuck in a rut playing video game so I signed them up for swim classes.
  • If you're in a rut, go see an inspiring movie or go to the theater.
  • My girlfriend and I are in a rut just staying at home, so we're driving to the country to go wine tasting tomorrow. 


  • bored stiff
  • tired of something

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