Idiom:  in a pickle


Idiom:  in a pickle

  • in a difficult situation

Example sentences

— When you didn't call to tell us know you weren't coming in to work today, you really left us in a pickle.

— I'm in a pickle because the only time the cable repairman can come to our home is when I've got to be at work.

— If you're ever in a pickle when you're in Manila, my husband's brother would be more than happy to help.

— Whenever I'm in a pickle and need someone to watch the kids, my mother-in-law is always happy to help out.

— We were in a real pickle when my wife forgot her passport at home but our daughter was able to bring it to the airport in time for us to make our flight.

— I'm going to be in a pickle if I don't get paid on Friday.

— My sister was in a pickle yesterday because she left her wallet at home but I was able to send her money through Venmo.

— You left us in a real pickle when you left the concert without telling us. We spent two hours looking for you and worrying something bad had happened. 

— My car is being repaired today so I'm in a pickle. Could you possibly take me to my doctor's appointment this afternoon?


  • in a hole
  • in a jam
  • in a bind
  • in deep water
  • in hot water
  • in deep doo-doo (slang)
  • up a/the creek
  • up a tree

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