Idiom:  in a bind


Idiom:  in a bind

  • in a difficult situation

Example sentences

— Could you lend me $20? I’m in a bind because I forgot my wallet at home.

— I’m in a bind because my car won’t start and I can’t be late for work today.

— I'm in a real bind because I need to pick my daughter up at 5:30 today but the dry cleaners closes at 5:00. Is there anyway you could pick up my dry cleaning for me?

— We're in a bind because our flight was cancelled and our cruise departs tomorrow afternoon.

— Can you please deposit more funds into our checking account or we'll be in a real bind tomorrow when we have to pay the mortgage.

— We're in a bind because our marketing department hasn't given us the figures we need for the report that's due tomorrow afternoon.

— We're going to be in a real bind if the express mail doesn't come today because our tickets won't arrive before the concert.

— Yesterday, I was in a bind because I hadn't finished my research paper but my roommate finished it up while I was in class and handed to me as everyone with leaving class.


  • in deep trouble
  • in a pickle
  • in hot water
  • up a tree

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