Idiom:  in a bad mood


Idiom:  in a bad mood

  • in an irritable, annoyed or angry state of mind
  • to feel sad and depressed

Example sentences

  • Why are you always in a bad mood these days?
  • He’s been in a bad mood all evening because his favorite team lost today’s match.
  • I wouldn't ask your father for anything at the moment—he's in a really bad mood.
  • My assistant has been in a really bad mood since she didn't got the position in the marketing department.
  • All this rain day after day is really putting me in a bad mood.
  • Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I get a massage, treat myself to a healthy dinner and go to sleep early.
  • I've decided to resign from my job. The entire department is always in a bad mood and it feels so depressing to go to work.
  • Gretchen is in a really bad mood because she didn't get into the University of Michigan and there's not much we can do to cheer her up.


  • get out of the wrong side of the bed
  • in a foul mood
  • be pissed off

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