Idiom:  Icing on the cake


Idiom:  icing on the cake

  • an extra good thing in addition to something else
  • an extra benefit

Example sentences

— He would have paid full tuition to go to an Ivy League school—so getting a scholarship was just icing on the cake.

— If we sign this client it will be icing on the cake because we've already reached this year's sales target.

— Getting a stipend to work at the United Nations was icing on the cake since I'd already planned to volunteer without pay.

— Being upgraded to business class was icing on the cake since my flight was canceled and I didn't think I'd get on another flight.

— Losing 25 lbs after wearing Invisalign aligners for 6 months was icing on the cake because I was only concerned about straightening my teeth.

— After three years of trying in vitro fertilization, I was so happy to be pregnant that finding out we were expecting twins was icing on the cake.

— I wanted to go see that LA Lakers play for so long, the great seats were just icing on the cake.

— Trump losing the second election by a landslide was just icing on the cake.


  • gravy

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